The Burning of the Royal Library of Alexandria

Anarchism and Egoism

It is among the anarchists (still!) that multiple common superstitions exist, stating that egoism and anarchy are enemies, that they stand opposed and above one another. That the complete acceptance of this statement is wrong, we want to briefly to prove such here. Egoism is the driving force of all human actions. Each living beingContinue reading “Anarchism and Egoism”


about my dissatisfaction with some tendencies and perspectives in the anti-civilizational debate In the twilight, I stand on the edge of a gigantic bog. I cannot see what lies on the other side, behind me stretches the backdrop of the techno-industrial civilization with its factories, roads, rails, radio masts, and, above all, its cornfields, commercialContinue reading “Will-O’-The-Wisps”